Yetronic’s latest smart whiteboard: improving smart office and education

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, smart whiteboards, as the core tool of modern office and education, have become an increasingly important role in smart technology. Yetronic adheres to the concept of “technology changes life” and launches the latest generation of smart whiteboards. This product not only integrates a number of cutting-edge technologies, but also has a comprehensive upgrade in design and user experience. This article will introduce in detail the main features and technical advantages of Yetronic smart whiteboard.

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Zero-fit technology: Create a seamless interactive experience

Yetronic smart whiteboard uses advanced zero-adhesion technology to seamlessly fit the display and touch layer. This technology significantly reduces touch delay and improves writing fluency and accuracy. At the same time, the zero-adhesion technology also effectively reduces the reflection of the screen, making the picture clearer and more realistic, and users will not feel fatigued by reflection when using it. The application of this technology brings an unprecedented interactive experience to users, ensuring efficient transmission and communication of information whether in a conference room or in the classroom.

Eye protection and blue light protection: caring for users’ health

Prolonged use of electronic screens can easily cause damage to the eyes, and the Yetronic smart whiteboard has specially added an eye protection and anti-blue light function. By optimizing blue light wavelengths and adjusting display color temperature, this smart whiteboard can effectively reduce harmful blue light radiation, thereby reducing eye fatigue and discomfort. For users who use smart whiteboards for a long time, the eye protection and anti-blue light function is undoubtedly a big boon, which not only protects eyesight, but also improves comfort.

Powerful memory configuration: ensure smooth operation

In order to meet the needs of different users, Yetronic smart whiteboard provides two memory configurations: 4GB+64GB and 8GB+128GB. Whether you are doing daily office work or handling complex teaching tasks, these two configurations can ensure the smooth operation of the smart whiteboard. The 4GB+64GB configuration is suitable for general meetings and teaching scenarios, while the high-end version of 8GB+128GB can handle more multi-tasking needs, such as fast loading of large files, playback of multimedia content, and complex interactive operations.

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Strong sound effect: integrated 8Ω 20W*2 dual speakers

Sound effects are also an important part of the smart whiteboard experience. Yetronic smart whiteboard is equipped with 8Ω 20W*2 integrated dual speakers, which can provide shocking stereo sound effect. Whether playing teaching videos or conference audio, it can bring you an immersive listening experience. High-quality sound effects not only improve the clarity of information transmission, but also make interactions more lively and interesting.

Proprietary appearance design: both beautiful and practical

Yetronic smart whiteboard is unique in appearance design. It adopts a simple and modern design style, with smooth body lines and harmonious color matching, and can be well integrated into various office and educational environments. In addition, the frame design of the smart whiteboard has been carefully polished, which not only ensures the sturdiness of the structure, but also improves the overall aesthetics. Yetronic believes that excellent products should not only be excellent in function, but also pleasing in appearance.

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Support customization: meet individual needs

Yetronic understands that different users have different needs. Therefore, we offer a variety of customized services. Users can customize the configuration, size, appearance color, etc. of the smart whiteboard according to their own needs. Whether it is the customization of corporate logos or the addition of specific functions, Yetronic can provide users with professional solutions. This flexible customization service greatly improves product adaptability and user satisfaction.

Yetronic’s latest smart whiteboard is unique in the market with its advanced zero-adhesion technology, eye protection and anti-blue light function, powerful memory configuration, excellent sound effects, unique appearance design and flexible customization services. It not only provides efficient solutions for modern office and education, but also demonstrates the perfect combination of technology and humanized design. Yetronic will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product optimization, promote the development of the smart whiteboard industry, and bring more surprises and convenience to users.

Whether you are a business user or an educator, Yetronic smart whiteboard will be your indispensable right-hand man. Choose Yetronic to make smart office and smart education more efficient and convenient. Contact us now

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May 15, 2024

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