Production systemization and digitalization have always
been the goal of Yetronic production management, just
to better solve and serve customers demands.

Management tool
Upgrade of Total productive maintenance system
In October 2022, the introduction of the Digi production management system marked the second phase of systematic management for Yetronic, an outstanding smart board manufacturers. This comprehensive system encompasses modules such as manufacturing data management, planning and scheduling, production scheduling, inventory management, quality management, work center/equipment management, procurement management, cost management, and production process control, achieving complete digitization of production management.
Yetronic production management standard
Get honorary qualifications.
Production management process
The complete product series of production lines and dust-free workshops are operated by professionals with 2-5 years of work experience in core positions, reflecting Yetronic’s commitment as an outstanding smart board manufacturers. Our team is always ready to promptly address any issues that may arise during the production process.
1.Plate casting processing
The process of making a motherboard by SMT
2.Lamp strip assembly
Only after the preliminary inspection light strip is qualified before it can be installed
3.Wire assembly and support
Strictly follow the assembly line tutorial
Check whether the lamp lamp beads are qualified and the brightness distribution is evenly distributed
5.Diaphragm assembly
Protect the surface of the screen to prevent scraping the screen during use
6.Backlight inspection
Unique LED backlight technology, which makes the display area greatly
7.Glass and front frame assembly
AG tempered glass design, with strong anti -interference, dustproof, waterproof, explosion -proof and other performance
8.Motherboard assembly
Responsible for the processing of signal and the implementation of related functions.
9.Rear shell assembly
Metal shell is sprayed with high temperature, surface wear resistance and corrosion.