Yetronic’s latest generation smart white boards grandly launched

In the fields of smart education and office, the role of smart white boards is becoming increasingly important. As an industry leader, Yetronic has been committed to providing the most advanced and practical smart whiteboard products. Today, we are proud to announce that the latest generation of Yetronic smart whiteboards is officially launched! This new smart whiteboard not only achieves a leap in technology, but also greatly improves its appearance design and user experience.

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Touch technology: improvement of touch accuracy and writing sensitivity

During the use of smart white boards, touch accuracy and writing sensitivity are key factors that affect the user experience. Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard has undergone major upgrades in these two aspects:

1. Touch accuracy: The touch accuracy reaches ±1mm. Compared with the previous generation product, this accuracy has been significantly improved, improving the user’s operational accuracy. Users can enjoy a smoother and more precise experience whether they are drawing, annotating or operating applications.

2. Writing sensitivity: The writing sensitivity is increased to ≤1mm. This means that users will experience almost no delay when writing, and the writing experience is closer to the feeling of writing on paper. This improvement is not only suitable for ordinary writing, but also greatly helpful for drawing and design work that require precise operations.

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Display technology: zero lamination technology and eye protection and anti-blue light

In order to further enhance the user experience, Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard has also been upgraded in display technology:

1. Zero lamination technology: By using zero lamination technology, there is no air gap between the screen and the touch layer, which reduces light reflection and improves the clarity of image quality and the realism of colors. This not only improves the user’s viewing experience, but also enhances the whiteboard’s ability to adapt to different light conditions.

2. Eye protection and anti-blue light: In order to protect users’ eye health, Yetronic has applied eye protection and anti-blue light technology on the new generation of smart white boards. This technology can effectively reduce harmful blue light radiation and reduce eye damage caused by long-term use of whiteboards.

Unique design: exclusive appearance and personalization

Yetronic not only pays attention to technological progress, but also pays attention to the appearance design of products. Our latest generation smart whiteboard has the following features in appearance:

1. Exclusive design: Unlike other products on the market, Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard adopts our specially designed appearance. The simple and modern design style makes it not only a powerful tool, but also a beautiful piece of office furniture, suitable for various modern office and education environments.

2. Personalized customization: In order to meet the needs of different customers, Yetronic provides personalized customization services for smart white boards. Whether it is size, color or functional configuration, we can customize it according to the specific needs of customers, ensuring that every customer can get the smart whiteboard that best suits them.

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Comprehensive application scenarios

Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard is suitable for a variety of application scenarios, including education, corporate training, conferencing and collaboration. The following are some specific application scenarios:

1. Education: In classrooms, smart whiteboards can be used for interactive teaching, providing rich multimedia teaching resources to enhance students’ learning interest and participation. Teachers can display courseware on the whiteboard, make real-time comments and answer questions interactively to improve teaching efficiency.

2. Corporate training: In corporate training, smart whiteboards can be used to display training content, conduct on-site demonstrations and interactive discussions, and enhance the effectiveness of training. Trainers can mark and record in real time through the whiteboard to help students better understand and master the training content.

3. Meetings and collaboration: In corporate meetings and team collaboration, smart white boards are an indispensable tool. It can be used to display meeting materials, conduct brainstorming, record meeting minutes, conduct remote video conferencing, etc., to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings.

User experience: convenient operation and intelligent functions

Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard has not only been upgraded in technology and design, but also made a lot of optimizations in user experience:

1. Convenient operation: We have optimized the operation interface and interaction method of the smart whiteboard to make it more intuitive and easy to use. Users can easily use various functions of the whiteboard through gesture operations, reducing learning costs and improving user experience.

2. Intelligent functions: The new generation of smart whiteboards integrates a variety of intelligent functions, such as handwriting recognition, remote control, etc. These smart functions can greatly improve users’ work efficiency and convenience, making the whiteboard not only a presentation tool, but also an intelligent assistant.

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The launch of Yetronic’s latest generation of smart white boards marks another leap in yetronic’s smart whiteboard technology. By improving touch accuracy and writing sensitivity, adopting zero-adhesion technology and eye protection and anti-blue light technology, exclusive appearance design and personalized customization services, Yetronic is committed to providing users with the best smart white board products and experience.

Whether in education, corporate training or conference collaboration, Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard can exert its powerful functions and advantages and become your right assistant in work and study. We believe that this product will help users achieve a more efficient and smarter way of working and learning.

Choose Yetronic, choose the future. Welcome to learn more about Yetronic’s latest generation smart whiteboard and experience this innovative product that combines technology and design for yourself. Contact us now

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May 21, 2024

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