98 inch 8-in-1 function intelligent board, factory direct sales, quality assurance.

Factory direct sales, 98 inches 8 in 1 function smart board

The intelligent interactive whiteboard plays an important role in the meeting room, becoming the preferred tool for sharing messages, displaying information and remote video conferencing in different places. By connecting to the Internet, interactive whiteboards instantly digitize tasks and operations to support collaborative goals.

Multi-function in one machine

One machine multi-purpose, save redundant equipment. Computer, projector, screen, display, audio, microphone, whiteboard, camera, all in one.

Flexible application of dual systems.

Windows 7/10 and Android 8.0/9.0/11.0 are supported.

Support multiple writing

The ability to support 20 contact points allows you to interact with the smart board in a more diverse and flexible way. Up to 20 people can operate on the smart board at the same time, making teamwork and interaction easier and more efficient.

Built-in OPS slot

The 98″ Smart whiteboard supports an OPS slot, enabling you to easily install an OPS desktop on the back of an interactive digital board with internal power for convenience and utility.
98 Inch Smart Board
98 Inch Smart Board

Bluetooth connection

The 98″ Smart whiteboard supports Bluetooth wireless connectivity and can be connected to various devices such as speakers, mice, keyboards, etc. This optimization is built for a hybrid environment, making it easy to conduct online and offline meetings and courses.

Application case

It covers many industries, including conference, education, healthcare, finance, politics and law, business, etc.
98 Inch Smart Board


98 Inch Smart Board

Medical care

98 Inch Smart Board


98 Inch Smart Board

Banking and finance

98 Inch Smart Board


98 Inch Smart Board