Yetronic production quality management standard
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Quality management process
The full product series of production lines and thousands of dust-free workshops have 2-5 years of work experience in the core position, which will be solved at any time to find problems in the production process.

Interactive Whiteboard Finished Goods Inspection Area

During the factory production, the finished product testing includes screen calibration, hardware verification, digital content inspection, and appearance checks.

digital signage outdoor Finished Product Inspection

In the factory production, the finished product testing process involves professional screening of the product’s screen, hardware, digital content, and appearance, ensuring that each product meets high standards.

Color Temperature and Color Deviation Adjustmen

In the production process, special attention is given to adjusting color temperature and color deviation. Through the calibration of professional equipment, it ensures accurate and consistent color reproduction in the products.

Aging Test

Aging tests ensure product quality, including equipment preparation, operational monitoring, fault detection, and data analysis. This enhances customer satisfaction, extends product lifespan.