smart transparent OLED wine cooler

Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler
Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Intelligent digital control

The LCD humidity display allows you to easily adjust the cooler’s humidity from 0°F to 45°F to suit your preference. Additionally, the thermometer has the convenient feature of automatically restoring the cooler to its previously set temperature after a power outage.

Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Advanced cooling technology

Using advanced cooling technology, your wine will be stored in an optimal way to maintain its optimal taste. And the interior space is optimized to the maximum.

Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Noiseless operation

Our cooler ensures that only you can access the storage space, guaranteeing your privacy. It operates ultra-quietly and without noise, allowing you to enjoy peace and quiet.

Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Quality and elegant appearance

High-end metal paint box, black silver frame, 4mm ultra-white tempered glass, surface AF/AG process, allowing you to display your wine perfectly.

Optimum preservation technique

Preserve flavor and floral aromas

Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler helps keep your favorite wine in its best flavor. Excessive vibration and temperature fluctuations can affect the aroma and taste of wine. Yetronic wine coolers reduce vibration and maintain a stable temperature and humidity environment. This way, your wine ages just like in a professional wine cellar.
Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Precise temperature control

Create classic tasting

Precise double-layer temperature control ensures wine is aged in an optimal environment, reducing temperature fluctuations and maintaining a constant storage atmosphere. Bring tasting-grade wine storage into your home and blend taste with life.

Vibration control

Less vibration, more pure taste

Vibration in the wine cabinet can cause chemical changes inside the bottle, affecting the flavor and taste of the wine. The yetronic wine cabinet uses a smoothly running variable frequency linear compressor to reduce vibration and create a gentle environment to protect the quality of your precious wines.
Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler
Smart Transparent OLED Wine Cooler

Optimum humidity control

Boutique flavor promotion space

The ideal humidity level helps to maintain the flavor and label quality of the wine, retaining the taste and aroma desired by the winemaker. Optimal humidity control keeps the internal air at the ideal humidity, thus preserving the aroma of the wine.

Ultraviolet resistance

Block out the light and protect yourself from the sun in style

Three layers of black mirror glass doors prevent heat and UV rays from damaging the delicate flavor of the wine, ensuring that the unique flavor of the wine is protected. The storage environment of traditional underground wine cellar is simulated.

Smart touch

Convenience is at your fingertips

Advanced glass touch LED display technology, light touch, easy to control.



surfacecapacitive touch
colorHigh-grade metal paint shell, black with silver frame
MaterialAluminum profile frame, first-grade cold-rolled plate

OLED display

screen size3 0 “
Screen brandLG
resolution1 366 * 768
backlightOLED self-luminous
refresh rate120HZ
display size676.09*387.48mm
point spacing0.4863*0.4863mm
brightness350(Peak)/135(Normal) cd/m²
Viewing angle178°
Contrast1 050000 :1 (APL25%)
color1.07 Billon colors
Response time3ms (Gray-to-Gray)

Fully bonded capacitive touch screen

Full fitTouch screen + OLED transparent screen adopts OCR full lamination process
panelT=4mm ultra-clear tempered glass, surface AF/AG process
Touch points10 points touch
Number of channels122


CPUMain frequency 1.5GHz, quad-core A53
GPUMulti-core G52 ( 2EE ) MC1 GPU
DDR memory2G
interfaceEquipped with RJ45, supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, built-in speaker, RS-232 communication T TL interface , expansion IO socket , camera, MIPI interface , USB interface , etc.
Pre-installed systemAndroid 11



Operating temperature0℃—45℃
Working humidity20%-80%RH
Operating temperature0℃ — 45℃
Storage humidity10%-75%RH