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Yetronic renowned OEM smart board supplier specialize in the production of digital signage solutions and smart boards, offering comprehensive OEM/ODM services on a global scale.
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Yetronic has rich technical accumulation and knowledge reserves, continuous resource investment and focus, Yetronic has established OBM/ODM cooperation with enterprises in more than 40 countries and regions including India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, and Europe.

Rapid Touchscreen Monitors Prototyping

A 3D model of the custom oem touch screen monitor and display will be drawn and designed within 3 working days. After your approval a sample of the monitor will be produced within 10 to 15 working days, you can then test it and make any changes you’d like to the design. Once you are happy with the sample it will then be taken to production.

Low-volume Manufacturing

Ideally, oem touch screen display are produced and manufactured in low volumes to help control inventories and ensure that the market is subjected to testing before producing larger quantities. This means that feedback can be taken by the public your product can be improved upon to meet their desires. Customized touchscreen displays can be rapidly produced to meet your criteria.

OEM Smart Board Service Process

Display customization

Viewing angle
Wide temperature

Appearance customization

Independent mold opening
Logo customization

Software customization

System software