Yetronic launches new interactive flat panel display version 3.0

In today’s digital education and business environment, interactive flat panel display have become an essential tool. Yetronic, a company in the smart whiteboard industry, proudly launches a new affordable product: interactive flat panel displays. This brand-new product will bring users a better and more efficient experience, helping you take your work and study to the next level.

interactive flat panel display

Ultra-high touch accuracy, experience unparalleled interaction

Yetronic interactive flat panel displays use the most advanced touch technology, with ultra-high touch accuracy reaching an astonishing ±1mm. This means you can manipulate every detail with precision for truly seamless interactions. Whether you are conducting interactive learning in the classroom or team collaboration in the conference room, you can enjoy an unparalleled interactive experience.

Zero lamination technology presents clear and lifelike pictures

The Yetronic interactive flat panel display uses zero-contact technology to deliver clear and lifelike images that make you feel like you’re right there. Whether it is displaying courseware, playing videos, or displaying design drafts, it can be presented in a clearer and more vivid way, so that every detail is under control.

Powerful sound effects, immersive experience

To give you a more immersive experience, the Yetronic interactive flat panel is equipped with two 8Ω 20W integrated speakers that deliver powerful and clear sound. Whether you are conducting video conferencing, watching teaching videos, or enjoying multimedia entertainment, you can immerse yourself in it and feel the charm of music and sound.

interactive flat panel display

Unique appearance design highlights brand personality

Yetronic interactive flat-panel displays are not only superior in function, but also exquisite in design. The appearance design is different from that on the market. It is simple but not simple, highlighting the brand’s personality and taste. Not only that, we also provide customized services and product size selection to meet your needs in different scenarios and make your space more fashionable and beautiful.

Customized services to meet individual needs

As a smart whiteboard factory company, Yetronic not only provides standard products, but also provides customized services according to customer needs. We can customize it according to your specific requirements, whether it is appearance design, functional configuration, or software customization, we can meet your needs. Welcome to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

interactive flat panel display


The launch of Yetronic interactive flat panel display marks Yetronic entering a new era in the smart whiteboard industry. Whether in the field of education or business, it will bring a more convenient, efficient and vivid experience. Contact us Yetronic interactive flat panel display, start smart office and education! Contact us now

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May 8, 2024

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