Round LCD Display

Enhance engagement and information delivery with yetronic round LCD display

Round LCD Display

Introduce Our Round LCD Display

Our round LCD display offer customers a range of options for special shapes and aspect ratios. Circular liquid crystal displays have a wide range of uses and are suitable for various scenarios. Not only do they serve as unique digital signage screens that highlight personality no matter where they are placed, but they can also meet project needs in an industrial environment.

What is an LCD Round Display?

The circular LCD display is a kind of LCD display which is different from the traditional rectangular shape. They typically have a circular screen area with a diameter in inches, similar to a traditional LCD screen, but with a circular form factor.
Circular LCD displays are designed to present visual content in a non-traditional circular format and are particularly suitable for applications that require non-traditional display shapes, such as dedicated digital signage or product design. They typically have similar features and performance to square LCD displays, but offer unique aesthetics and design flexibility for specific applications.
Round LCD Display
Round LCD Display

Round LCD Display features

High-definition display

Professional fog LCD screen, showing a brighter picture, more three-dimensional.

No fear of interface restrictions

LAN, WiFi, USB, HDMI, VGA, DP, AV and other interfaces enrich connection options to meet the needs of various application scenarios.

Timed power on and off

Seamless switching between scenes, continuous and stable operation, automatic switching function, saving energy and worry.

Network remote management

Provide cloud software support to achieve remote management of multiple terminals, including advertising, update, delete and other tasks.

Customizable Round LCD Display Options

Touch screen options

Interactive touch screen and non-interactive touch screen options are available. The interactive touch screen uses the latest touch technology, while yetronic also offers interactive touch screens in various sizes for circular displays, with electroplating and infrared technologies for your choice. yetronic manufacturers and an alternative to any monitor you are using. Simply send us the data sheet and we will customize it to your requirements.
Round LCD Display
Round LCD Display

Standard option

We offer a variety of standard options to meet your individual needs. yetronic circular products with high brightness of 700 nits and excellent contrast provide you with the highest quality images. We also offer the option to increase the brightness up to 1,000 nits, with the option of anti-glare, explosion-proof or anti-reflective glass to further enhance product performance

Input option

HDMI: Provides high definition digital video and audio transmission interface.
Display Port: is a digital display interface commonly used to connect a computer to a monitor.
VGA: Short for Video Graphics Array, VGA is an analog standard used to connect monitors to computers.
DVI: is a digital video interface used for digital video transmission.
USB: is a universal serial bus used for power supply and data transmission.
Ethernet: Network connectivity for applications such as digital signage.
Round LCD Display

Round LCD Display application scenarios

From eye-catching advertising in retail stores and shopping malls to showcasing delectable dishes in restaurants, round LCD displays offer a multitude of applications.
Round LCD Display

Retail Spaces

Transform storefronts into captivating showcases that drive foot traffic and conversions.
Round LCD Display


Welcome guests with branded content and updates, leaving a professional and modern impression.
Round LCD Display

Trade Shows

Stand out from the competition with dynamic presentations that draw in potential clients.
Round LCD Display


Enhance guest experiences with informative displays showcasfing amenities and services.

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Upgrade your instrument clusters effortlessly with our round LCD displays. Engineered to withstand harsh environments like marine settings, they endure extreme temperatures, water, and salt exposure while maintaining exceptional performance. Contact us to unlock more possibilities today.