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Smart Board Solution

Smart Board Solution

Wholesale smart board from China. All-in-one smart board can be used for conferences, educations, business, etc. Interactive whiteboard display anytime and anywhere in life and work.

Digital Signage Displays Solutions

China leading provider of outdoor digital signage display & indoor digital signage displays. Smart display are designed to benefit businesses or consumers.

Interactive Display Solutions

Easy to use, deploy and support, our interactive displays provide value and capability like no one else, all at a great price.

86 inch smart board

65 Inch Smart Board

86 inch smart board

75 Inch Smart Board

86 inch smart board

86 Inch Smart Board

Portable Digital Signage

33.2 inch Square LCD Display

Square LCD Display

Wall Mounted Digital Signage

Manage Your Interactive Screens with Yetronic

Yetronic, a leading smart board factory and supplier specializing in cutting-edge digital signage, interactive panels, and a wide range of innovative display products for intelligent interactions.
Discover the future of interactive technology with our high-definition displays, multi-touch capabilities, and seamless smart functionalities. From our video wall and smart mirror to the versatile intelligent advertising screen and outdoor advertising machine, we cater to diverse industries, including education, healthcare, retail, hospitality, and more.
Yetronic is a wholesale smart board factory, not only we can provide cheap price, but also we are committed to exceptional customer support, providing timely assistance and comprehensive services to meet your display needs.
smart screen-video wall
Customization On Demand

Smart Board Manufacturer

In the interactive whiteboard field, we possess the ability to quickly customize and develop display products for customers,fully meeting the R&D strength required by the market.

Here are some of our customer cases.

Floor Standing LCD Digital Signage

Stretched Bar LCD Display

Kiosk Touch Panel

Interactive Flat Panel Display

Interactive Smart Board Factory-OEM/ODM Process

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