Oled transparent display

The transparent OLED display presents an innovative viewing experience
OLED Transparent Display

OLED Transparent breaks through all displays and becomes a special display technology

The world’s unique technology allows OLED transparent displays to have 45% transparency. This is not only the display, but also the environment, product and related information.
OLED Transparent Display


OLED Transparent Display


OLED Transparent Display


OLED Transparent Display

Seamless Design

The final transparency is 45%

Self-luminous transparent OLED displays have a transmittance of up to 45%, while transparent LCDS reduce transmittance to 10% due to polarizers and color filters.

Create new space

The self-luminous pixels and high transparency of transparent OLED displays can be easily integrated into Windows, transforming previously confined Spaces into display areas for information, advertising and entertainment.

Infinity seam design

With its high transparency, the transparent OLED display integrates the display with the surrounding environment, creating a unique and harmonious space design.

The combination of objects and content, innovative digital experiences

Transparent and vivid content blends with background objects to attract the eye of pedestrians and provide a unique digital experience.

Product size specification

Display size1209.6mm x 680.4mmViewing Angle178°/178°
Backlight typeOLED self-luminous organic diodeContrast100,000:1
ResolutionFull HD FHD1920*1080Primary colourW.R.G.B四基色

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