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Smart Board for Conference Room – Elevate Your Business Meetings

Transform your business meetings into captivating experiences with our smart board for conference room. Deliver seamless presentations with stunning visuals, interactive charts, and dynamic multimedia content. Captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression that drives your message home.

Discover The Perfect Smart Board For Conference Room

Enhance meeting efficiency and cut down on travel costs with a cutting-edge smart board designed for conference room. Seamlessly coordinate and participate in meetings directly from video conferencing applications. Available in various sizes including 65 inch, 75 inch, 86 inch, 98 inch, 105 inch and 110 inch, ensuring suitability for conference rooms of diverse dimensions.

105 Inch Smart Board

65 Inch Smart Board

All in one computer for classroom
Smart whiteboard designed for collaboration
Built-in camera and microphone for seamless interaction
Features optional HDMI computer interface for enhanced video collaboration
105 Inch Smart Board

75 Inch Smart Board

Designed to create lively and engaging learning environments
Equipped with infrared whiteboard technology for increased classroom engagement and collaboration
Ultimate interactive display with touch enhancements
Connects entire classes for smooth and fun learning experiences
105 Inch Smart Board

86 Inch Smart Board

Engage students with experiential learning
All-in-one interactive display solution combining digital displays, tablets, electronic whiteboards
Features excellent processor and latest infrared touch technology for a first-class user experience
Google certified and runs Android 13 operating system
105 Inch Smart Board

98 Inch Smart Board

98” education interactive board for classroom
Multi-function in one machine
Flexible application of dual systems
Support multiple writing
105 Inch Smart Board

105 Inch Smart Board

105” educational interactive whiteboard
78° FOV camera up to megapixels
Wireless network and super CPU
Multiple screen casting methods
105 Inch Smart Board

110 Inch Smart Board

110 inch smart classroom touch screen smart board for teaching
High-definition display helps the teaching experience
Multi-touch for teacher-student interaction
Dual OS, device interconnection

Revolutionizing Meeting Efficiency and Collaboration With Interactive Displays For Business

Smart boards offer a multitude of conveniences in conference settings, revolutionizing the way business meetings are conducted. Experience the future of business meetings with our smart board for conference room. Elevate your productivity and make every meeting a success.

Real-time Interaction and Collaboration

Real-time Interaction and Collaboration

Smart boards provide an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows participants to interact in real-time, annotate content, edit documents, and share ideas. This collaborative feature fosters deeper discussions and efficient information sharing.

Instant Changes and Edit

The ability to make instant changes and edits during meetings revolutionizes the way content is presented and updated. Unlike traditional methods that require erasing or rewriting, by incorporating instant changes and edits, smart board for conference room empower teams to respond quickly to new ideas, adapt to evolving requirements, and achieve more efficient and effective outcomes in their business meetings.

Smart board for conference

Remote Participation

Integrated with video conferencing, smart boards enable remote participants to join the meeting. Regardless of their location, they can interact and participate in discussions through the interactive features.

Multi-user Collaboration

Supporting multi-touch technology, smart board for conference room facilitate multiple participants interacting on the screen simultaneously, encouraging more engagement and collective decision-making.

Smart board for conference

Seamless Presentations

With smart board for conference room, presenters can effortlessly display slides, charts, videos, or other content. No need for a mouse or keyboard, control is at their fingertips or with specialized pens, ensuring a smoother and more engaging presentation process.

Digital Record and Energy-Friendly

Conference smart boards can digitally record meeting content and discussions in real-time. These digital records can be easily saved, shared, and reviewed afterward, facilitating participants in revisiting and reviewing meeting content.

Using smart boards reduces paper and traditional meeting supplies, making it environmentally friendly while saving time and resources.

Unleash the Power of Smart Technology for Seamless Meetings

Smart Board for Conference Room: Your Best-in-Class Partner with Yetronic

Trusted Quality

At Yetronic, we’re dedicated to top-notch quality. Our products guarantee durability, reliability, and performance. Invest confidently in our smart technology solutions.

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With a proven history of satisfying customers, Yetronic has garnered trust from diverse industries. Our extensive experience in smart technology showcases our expertise and commitment to excellence in products and services.

Exceptional Customer Support

At Yetronic, we prioritize building enduring relationships with our customers. From initial inquiries to post-sales support, our team is dedicated to ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience with Yetronic products. Expect timely and responsive assistance every step of the way.

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