Elevator Advertising Display

Thin edges, light weight

Elevator displays with ultra-thin, narrow bezels are lighter and more durable, simplifying installation and maintenance. Its sleek, slim appearance also enhances the attractiveness of the elevators and waiting areas, enhancing the audience’s sense of engagement.

Flexible installation

Both horizontal installation and vertical installation methods can be used for elevator advertising screen installation, according to the installation requirements.
Elevator Advertising Display
Elevator Advertising Display

Synchronous content display
Dynamic content

The elevator advertising machine turns the elevator car into a platform for advertising and communication, providing passengers with relevant information. Passengers not only experience advertising content in the elevator, but also get entertainment, making the entire journey into a multimedia interactive experience space.

Customizable logo

In the logo area of the elevator advertising machine, you can customize your company logo to make your brand more vivid and attractive


Elevator advertising

Elevator screen advertising is increasingly favored around the world, especially in Europe, the United States, North America and other Asia-Pacific regions. In recent years, more and more countries have begun to pour into the elevator advertising market, and the market scale has been expanding. These screens are often installed in hotels, banks and retail locations to display elevator advertising content.
Elevator Advertising Display
Elevator Advertising Display

Waiting area advertisement

Elevator lobbies are also popular advertising spots. Especially in office buildings and shopping malls, the trend of installing more elevator displays is more common.

It’s time to attract users

Elevator Advertising Display