Yetronic New Product Release: The Third-Generation Smart Touch Screen

In today’s rapidly advancing world, the demands of educational and commercial environments are constantly evolving. As a leading company in the smart touch screen industry, Yetronic is dedicated to providing users with the highest quality products and the most advanced technology experiences. We are excited to announce the official release of Yetronic’s latest product in the Yoda series: the new Smart Touch Screens! This product, with its exceptional performance and unique design, will redefine your understanding of smart touch screens.

The Third-Generation Smart Touch Screen

 ±1mm Touch Accuracy: Precision Control, Ultimate Experience

One of the standout features of the Yetronic Smart Touch Screen is its ±1mm touch accuracy. Whether you are writing complex mathematical formulas in a classroom or making detailed annotations in a conference room, you can experience precise and immediate response without any delay. The ±1mm touch accuracy not only enhances the user experience but also significantly improves efficiency in both work and study environments.

 ≤1mm Height Sensitivity: Quick Response, Smooth Operation

In addition to high-precision touch technology, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screen boasts a height sensitivity of ≤1mm. Whether it’s a light stroke or rapid writing and operation, the screen responds instantly to your every movement. This high sensitivity touch technology makes writing feel more natural and smooth, effectively reducing any potential delays and lags, providing you with a seamless writing experience similar to writing on paper.

The Third-Generation Smart Touch Screen

 Zero Bonding Technology: Perfect Display, Durable

The Yetronic Smart Touch Screen employs the latest zero bonding technology, seamlessly integrating the display and touch screen. This not only makes the screen display clearer and more lifelike but also significantly reduces light reflection, ensuring optimal visual effects under any lighting conditions. Additionally, the zero bonding technology enhances the durability of the screen, making the smart touch screens more robust and extending the product’s lifespan.

 8Ω 20W*2 Integrated Dual Speakers: Immersive Audio Experience

To provide a more comprehensive multimedia experience, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screen features integrated dual speakers with 8Ω 20W*2 output. Whether playing educational videos or conducting business presentations, this touch screen delivers clear, rich, and immersive sound. The powerful audio output capability makes every sound detail vivid and lifelike, bringing you into an immersive audio-visual world.

 Unique Design: Simple and Stylish, High-End and Elegant

While focusing on internal technology, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screens also excels in exterior design. The product features a unique design style that is simple yet stylish, high-end yet understated. Whether placed in a modern classroom or a high-end conference room, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screens seamlessly integrates into the environment, enhancing the technological feel and class of the overall space.

 Customization Support: Meeting Your Personalized Needs

Yetronic understands that each customer has unique needs and preferences. Therefore, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screen supports various customization options. Whether it’s size, color, or functional configuration, we can customize according to your specific requirements, making each Yetronic Smart Touch Screens truly your exclusive product.

The Third-Generation Smart Touch Screen

 Versatile Application Scenarios for Smart Touch Screens

The Yetronic Smart Touch Screens excels not only in educational and business fields but also in various other scenarios:

1. Education: Interactive teaching, remote education, electronic whiteboards, and more.
2. Corporate Meetings: Video conferencing, brainstorming, project presentations, and more.

3. Public Spaces: Exhibitions, information display, interactive advertisements, and more.

Through diverse application scenarios, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screen brings a new level of intelligent interactive experience to all industries.


The launch of the Yetronic Smart Touch Screen marks another significant breakthrough for Yetronic in the field of smart interactive devices. With its ±1mm touch accuracy, ≤1mm height sensitivity, zero bonding technology, 8Ω 20W*2 integrated dual speakers, unique design, and customization flexibility, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screens offers users an unprecedented operational and visual experience.

Whether you are an educator, a business manager, or a public service provider, the Yetronic Smart Touch Screens can meet your various needs, making your daily work and study more efficient and convenient. Yetronic looks forward to witnessing the changes brought by technology with you, and together, we will embrace a smarter future.

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May 28, 2024

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