Yetronic Releases Third Generation Interactive Flat Panel: Enhancing Interactive Experience

In recent years, with the rapid development of technology, interactive flat panel have become indispensable tools in education, meetings, and other scenarios. As one of the leading brands in this field, Yetronic continuously strives for technological innovation and product upgrades. Today, we are honored to introduce the Yetronic third generation Interactive Smart Board. This product not only achieves significant breakthroughs in touch precision, display quality, and eye protection, but also features a notable enhancement in design.

 Exceptional Touch Precision and Responsiveness

The Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel has achieved industry-leading touch precision of ±1mm. After multiple iterations and optimizations, touch precision has been improved to ±1mm, ensuring an extremely accurate experience whether writing, drawing, or operating software. Additionally, the pen-up distance is controlled within ≤1mm, further ensuring smooth and natural writing. This high-precision touch experience is particularly important for educational, design, and meeting scenarios requiring fine operations.

 Zero Bonding Technology and Blue Light Eye Protection

To provide better visual effects and user experience, the Yetronic third generation Interactive Smart Board adopts advanced zero bonding technology. This technology seamlessly bonds the display screen with the touch layer, effectively reducing light refraction and reflection, significantly enhancing display clarity and sharpness. Moreover, this design reduces screen thickness, making the device more lightweight.

In modern society, prolonged screen use has become common, and the harm of blue light to the eyes is well-recognized. The Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel features blue light eye protection technology, filtering harmful blue light to reduce eye fatigue and protect users’ vision. This feature is especially important for users who use the Interactive Smart Board for long periods during teaching or meetings.

 Stylish Design and Customization Services

The Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel not only excels in performance but also undergoes a comprehensive upgrade in design. We collaborated with top design teams to create a stylish and elegant design. Whether placed in classrooms, conference rooms, or training centers, it enhances the modern and professional feel of the environment.

Moreover, Yetronic offers customization services to meet different customers’ personalized needs. Users can choose different exterior colors, sizes, and functional configurations according to specific usage scenarios and brand image. Our customization service ensures that every customer has a unique and most suitable Interactive Smart Board solution.

 Multifunctional Application Scenarios and Convenient Operation

The Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel not only has significant improvements in hardware but also powerful software functions. The product comes pre-installed with various teaching, meeting, and presentation software, allowing users to easily display content, annotate, and interact. It supports multi-touch and gesture operations, enabling users to conveniently use various functions.

Whether it’s teachers conducting interactive teaching in the classroom, companies brainstorming in meetings, or designers sharing creative ideas in team collaboration, the Yetronic third generation Interactive Smart Board provides an excellent user experience. Its convenient operation and rich application scenarios allow users to transmit information and interact more efficiently.

 Powerful Hardware Configuration and Stable Performance

The Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel is equipped with powerful hardware configurations, ensuring high performance and stability. The product features high-performance processors and large-capacity storage, allowing smooth operation of various applications and large-scale data processing. Additionally, the device has excellent heat dissipation performance and a stable system architecture, ensuring efficient and stable operation even during long periods of use.

 Eco-friendly Materials and Long-life Design

In the choice of materials and design, Yetronic always adheres to the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development. The third generation interactive flat panel is made of eco-friendly materials, reducing environmental impact. The product design focuses on durability and longevity, ensuring users receive stable performance and excellent user experience over the long term.

 Customer Support and Service Guarantee

To ensure users can use the Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel with peace of mind, we provide comprehensive customer support and service guarantees. After purchasing the product, users can enjoy professional installation guidance, usage training, and after-sales service. Our technical team is always ready to assist customers, solving any issues encountered during use and ensuring smooth and efficient use of our products.


The launch of the Yetronic third generation interactive flat panel marks another leap in interactive flat panel technology. Whether in touch precision, display quality, eye protection, design, or customization services, Yetronic is committed to providing users with the highest quality products and services. We believe the Yetronic third generation Interactive Smart Board will become the preferred tool in education, business, design, and other fields, helping users achieve greater success in their respective areas.

Thank you for your attention and support for Yetronic. We will continue to strive for innovation and bring you more high-quality smart devices. Contact us now

June 6, 2024

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