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Yetronic display , January 3, 2024

In the era of digitization, the development of smart technology has brought about significant transformations in the fields of education and work. Among them, the Yetronic smart interactive board, as a trendsetting technological product, not only provides users with innovative interactive experiences but also contributes to the development of future smart education.

Introduction of the Smart Interactive Board

The smart whiteboard, also known as an intelligent interactive whiteboard, integrates advanced features such as multi-touch technology, high-definition projection, digital note-taking, and multimedia support. It transforms traditional whiteboards into digital interactive tools, offering a more enriched and real-time teaching and working experience.

smart interactive board

Features of the Smart Interactive Board

Real-time Interactivity

Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard employs advanced multi-touch technology, supporting multiple users to operate simultaneously. This enhances the natural and seamless interaction during teaching, meetings, or training, elevating user engagement.

Wireless Projection

High-resolution display is a crucial feature of Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard. The clear and bright projection enhances the vividness and intuitiveness of teaching content, making it easier for students or participants to comprehend and absorb information.

Digital Note-taking

Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard allows users to write, annotate, and save notes in real-time during teaching or discussions. This not only improves efficiency but also facilitates knowledge management and sharing.

Multimedia Support

With integrated multimedia elements such as images, audio, and videos, Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard diversifies presentation methods in teaching and working environments, fostering innovation and inspiration.

Cloud Service Connectivity

Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard supports convenient cloud storage and sharing, enabling users to access and share teaching or work content anytime, anywhere, enhancing collaboration.

Application Scenarios of the Smart Interactive Board

As a versatile and highly interactive technological tool, the smart whiteboard finds widespread applications in various fields, providing innovative solutions for education, corporate training, meeting communication, and medical applications. The following will explore the practical applications and advantages of the smart whiteboard in each scenario.

Education Sector

In the education sector, Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard significantly enhances teaching effectiveness through interactive teaching methods. Multi-touch technology allows students to directly participate in the teaching process, making it more intuitive to understand key concepts. High-definition projection and multimedia support provide more dynamic and diverse teaching resources, making classroom content more engaging.

Corporate Training

In corporate training, Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard injects new vitality into traditional training methods. Real-time interactivity encourages employees to actively participate in training courses, improving learning outcomes. High-definition projection and multimedia support make training content more lively and interesting, capturing employees’ attention. Digital note-taking helps employees record key information during training, enhancing information digestion and memory. Cloud service connectivity facilitates easy sharing and storage of training materials, improving the efficiency of training resource management.

smart interactive board

Meeting Communication

Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard plays a crucial role in meeting communication. Real-time sharing and discussion features allow meeting participants to directly annotate and discuss on the whiteboard, promoting more effective meeting communication. High-definition projection and multimedia support offer richer presentation methods, making meeting content more vivid and intuitive. Digital note-taking assists in recording key points of the meeting discussion, facilitating subsequent organization and review. Cloud service connectivity enables easy sharing of meeting content with remote participants, enhancing collaboration during meetings.

Medical Applications

In the medical field, Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard serves as a convenient tool for medical teaching and patient communication. Doctors can use the whiteboard to visually explain medical conditions, surgical procedures, etc., providing patients with a clearer understanding of medical information. Real-time interactivity makes medical teaching more engaging, allowing medical students to interactively explore anatomy and case studies through touch, annotation, and more. High-definition projection provides clear image displays, aiding in medical teaching and surgical training. Digital note-taking allows doctors to record patient information and treatment plans, while cloud service connectivity facilitates easy backup and sharing of medical data, improving the efficiency of medical information management.

Customized Product Process of the Smart Whiteboard

Needs Analysis

Yetronic conducts thorough communication with clients to understand their customized requirements, including design and functional specifications.

Design Phase

Providing personalized design proposals, Yetronic ensures that customized products meet clients’ unique requirements while maintaining innovative design in both appearance and functionality.

Production Manufacturing

Yetronic establishes strict production plans to ensure each customized product possesses high quality and stability.

Testing and Debugging

Through rigorous testing processes, Yetronic ensures that customized products achieve optimal performance in various aspects, guaranteeing product reliability.

Delivery and After-sales

Timely delivery of customized products is followed by comprehensive after-sales services, ensuring clients receive prompt support and assistance during product use.


Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard is not just a technological product; it is a leading force in transforming education and work methods. Through multifunctional and customized designs, Yetronic is dedicated to providing high-quality smart whiteboard solutions, empowering various industries to meet the challenges of the digital era. Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard opens the door to a more intelligent, interactive, and efficient era of learning and working. By choosing Yetronic’s Smart Whiteboard, you step into a new era of learning and working that is more intelligent, interactive, and efficient.

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