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Yetronic display , January 3, 2024

In the digital era, digital signage has become an integral part of modern marketing and advertising. It plays a crucial role in enhancing brand awareness, guiding consumers, and creating eye-catching advertising effects. As a leading outdoor digital signage manufacturer, Yetronic is committed to providing high-quality, durable, and innovative digital signage solutions, delivering outstanding promotional results for clients.

 Yetronic Brand Introduction

Yetronic, an outdoor digital signage manufacturer, is a global provider of commercial displays and solutions. The comprehensive product portfolio includes advertising machines, video walls, interactive panels, public space solutions, as well as intelligent management solutions for conferences, security, and new retail ventures.

outdoor digital signage manufacturer

Features of Outdoor Digital Signage Manufacturer’s Products

 Weather Resistance and Durability

1.1 Material Selection

   – Yetronic’s digital signage utilizes high-quality, durable materials such as waterproof, heat-resistant, and UV-resistant materials, ensuring excellent weather resistance.

1.2 Corrosion Protection

   – Special anti-corrosion coatings and sealed designs protect the electronic components, extending the device’s lifespan, and ensuring excellent performance in humid and corrosive environments.

1.3 Advanced Casing Design

   – Yetronic has designed waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant casings to ensure the stable operation of digital signage in outdoor environments, whether in freezing winters or scorching summers.

 High Resolution and Clarity

2.1 Advanced Display Technology

   – Yetronic adopts the latest LED and LCD technologies, providing high resolution, high contrast, and vibrant colors to ensure digital signage captures attention and conveys information clearly.

2.2 Dimming Functionality

   – Digital signage features automatic dimming capabilities, adjusting brightness in real-time based on ambient light, ensuring optimal visual performance both day and night.

2.3 Multilayer Image Processing

   – Through advanced image processing techniques, Yetronic’s digital signage can present vivid, detailed images, enhancing the visual appeal of advertising content.

 Remote Management and Monitoring

3.1 Cloud Platform

   – Yetronic’s digital signage connects to a cloud platform, allowing users to easily manage and monitor all signage from anywhere. This includes remotely updating content, adjusting brightness, and real-time monitoring of device status.

3.2 Security Measures

   – The remote management system for digital signage by Yetronic incorporates robust security measures, ensuring that only authorized users can perform operations, safeguarding the security of advertising content.

3.3 Data Analytics

   – Yetronic’s digital signage collects and provides data on audience interaction, including click-through rates and viewing times, aiding clients in better understanding the effectiveness of their advertising.

outdoor digital signage manufacturer

Product Introduction of Outdoor Digital Signage Manufacturer

 Outdoor Digital Signage

1.1 Dust and Waterproof Design

   – Yetronic’s outdoor advertising machines feature special dust and waterproof designs, ensuring stable operation in various weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sandstorms, providing durable advertising displays.

1.2 High Brightness Display

   – With high-brightness LED screens, outdoor advertising machines remain clear and visible even in direct sunlight, offering maximum exposure for brands in outdoor environments.

1.3 Remote Timed On/Off

   – Through the remote management system, users can flexibly set on/off times for advertising machines, saving energy and ensuring content displays when needed.

 Square and Bar Screens

2.1 Innovative Design

   – Yetronic’s square and bar screens feature innovative designs, making advertising content more artistic and unique, attracting more attention.

2.2 Multi-Screen Sync Display

   – Supporting multi-screen synchronization, these screens allow for the creation of larger and more attention-grabbing advertising displays, enhancing the spread of advertising.

2.3 Easy Installation and Maintenance

   – The simple structural design of square and bar screens makes them easy to install and maintain, reducing operational costs and improving device reliability.

 Wall-Mounted Advertising Machines

3.1 Flexibility and Space Utilization

   – Yetronic’s wall-mounted advertising machines are designed for flexibility, suitable for various spaces including malls, offices, and restaurants. Their compact design maximizes space utilization.

3.2 Remote Content Updates

   – Users can easily update advertising content through the remote management system, increasing the efficiency and convenience of content updates.

3.3 Customized Design

   – Supporting customized design, wall-mounted advertising machines can match various indoor environments and brand styles, enhancing the overall aesthetics of advertisements.

 Indoor Advertising Machines

4.1 Versatility

   – Yetronic’s indoor advertising machines go beyond simple advertising playback, supporting real-time information display, interactive advertising, and integration with social media, enhancing user experience.

4.2 Efficient Power Management

   – Using advanced energy-saving technology, indoor advertising machines provide excellent performance while minimizing energy consumption, aligning with sustainability principles.

4.3 Touchscreen Technology

   – Supporting touchscreen technology, indoor advertising machines enable user interaction, increasing brand engagement.

 Double-Sided Hanging Advertising Machines

5.1 Double-Sided Display

   – Yetronic’s double-sided hanging advertising machines feature double-sided displays, increasing the visibility of advertisements in high-traffic areas and boosting brand exposure.

5.2 High Hanging Position

   – Designed to hang in high positions, these advertising machines stand out in crowded spaces, attracting more attention.

5.3 Powerful Brightness Adjustment

   – Equipped with powerful brightness adjustment capabilities, these machines provide clear visibility of advertising content in various lighting conditions.


In conclusion, Yetronic, as a leading outdoor digital signage manufacturer, successfully meets the needs of customers through its excellent features and innovative designs. We understand the importance of digital signage in today’s competitive market and are committed to providing outstanding products and services to assist clients in successful brand promotion. If you are looking for a reliable digital signage partner, Yetronic is ready to collaborate with you to create brilliance together.

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