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Explore Yetronic’s cutting-edge Digital Signage and Interactive Whiteboards, a unique digital display solution that seamlessly integrates advanced frame design with high-performance screen technology. Our meticulously crafted aluminum frame, lightweight yet sturdy, provides excellent structural support and aesthetic design. Paired with high-resolution, vivid-color screens, including Interactive Whiteboards, ensuring clear visibility of content and fostering engaging interactions. Leading the way in digital innovation, Yetronic empowers limitless possibilities in the realms of business, retail, and education.

Factory Techniques for Using Aluminum Profiles in Production

1. Extrusion Molding: Aluminum profiles are typically shaped through extrusion machines, ensuring high production efficiency and meeting the demands of complex cross-sections.

2. Cutting and Processing: Aluminum profiles undergo precision cutting and processing in the factory to ensure accurate frame dimensions according to design specifications.

3. Surface Treatment: The frame receives surface treatments, such as anodization, to enhance corrosion resistance, providing better decoration and wear resistance.

4. Assembly: The aluminum profile frame is assembled in the factory, integrating with other components of the smart whiteboard to ensure overall product quality and performance.

Advantages of Using Aluminum Profile for Frame:

1.Lightweight and High Strength: Aluminum profiles are lightweight yet strong, making the overall structure of the smart whiteboard more portable, easy to handle, and durable.
2.Corrosion Resistance: Aluminum profiles exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion, protecting the smart whiteboard from moisture and chemical exposure, thereby extending its lifespan.

3.Aesthetic Appearance: Aluminum profiles can undergo various surface treatments, such as anodization and spraying, enhancing the aesthetics of the frame and elevating the overall visual quality of the product.
4.High Plasticity: Aluminum profiles are easy to process, allowing for flexible shaping to meet personalized design requirements for the smart whiteboard frame

What is 4mm tempered glass

4mm tempered glass is a specially treated glass, typically created by subjecting ordinary glass to heat treatment and rapid cooling. This process, known as tempering, involves heating the glass to a high temperature and then quickly cooling it, creating compressive stress on the surface and tensile stress inside, thereby enhancing the glass’s strength and impact resistance.

Factory Techniques When Using 4mm Tempered Glass:

1. Glass Selection: The factory chooses high-quality raw materials to ensure that the produced glass meets the standard tempering requirements.
2. Heat Treatment: The glass undergoes heat treatment, typically at temperatures exceeding 600°C, followed by rapid cooling to create surface compression and internal tensile stress.
3. Cutting and Shaping: The tempered glass is cut and shaped to precise dimensions, meeting the design requirements of the smart whiteboard.
4. Inspection: Rigorous quality inspections are conducted on the produced glass to ensure that tempered glass performance meets standards.
5. Packaging and Transportation: After passing quality inspections, the tempered glass is appropriately packaged and safely transported to the production site of the smart whiteboard.

Interactive Whiteboards

Benefits of Using 4mm Tempered Glass

Interactive Whiteboards

1. Increased Strength: Tempering significantly boosts the bending and impact resistance of 4mm glass, enhancing the durability of the smart whiteboard.

2. Improved Safety: Tempered glass breaks into small, granular pieces, reducing sharp edges and minimizing the risk of injury, thereby enhancing safety during use.

3. Corrosion Resistance: The surface of tempered glass is more robust, less susceptible to corrosion, extending its lifespan in different environments.

4.Good Light Transmission: 4mm tempered glass maintains excellent light transmission, ensuring a clear and bright display for the smart whiteboard.

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