back cover assembly

Professional Back Cover for Digital Devices

Pursuing excellence in digital device design, we have introduced advanced industrial manufacturing processes, with a special emphasis on crafting the back cover assembly. This professional-grade back cover incorporates high-temperature metal coating technology, aiming to enhance the durability and visual quality of digital devices.

What is the back cover assembly?

“In the ‘back cover assembly,’ the metal casing undergoes a meticulous treatment through high-temperature spraying technology. This advanced surface treatment involves subjecting the metal casing to elevated temperatures and employing precise spraying processes to create a robust, durable protective layer on the surface. This high-temperature spraying process not only enhances the casing’s resistance to wear and corrosion but also imparts an outstanding visual texture.”

Surface cleaning of the back cover assembly

Surface cleaning is a vital step before high-temperature spraying, ensuring the metal casing is free from dirt and grease. This process includes removing dirt, surface activation treatment, chemical cleaning, surface sanding treatment, and inspection. Meticulously executing these steps ensures a clean casing surface, laying a solid foundation for subsequent spraying. This enhances coating adhesion and stability, ensuring the final product meets high standards in appearance and performance.

back cover assembly
back cover assembly

High-temperature spraying of the back cover assembly.

High-temperature spraying is an advanced surface treatment technology that involves applying a durable protective layer on the metal casing using high-temperature coating materials. This enhances the casing’s resistance to wear and corrosion. The process is simple, quick, and contributes to the rapid application of digital devices.

Quality testing of the back cover assembly.

Quality testing is a crucial step in high-temperature spraying, ensuring the coating meets standards. This includes visual inspection, coating thickness, adhesion, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thermal stability, optical performance evaluation, and electrical performance . Detailed recording and traceability ensure each batch undergoes strict quality control, enhancing the performance and reliability of digital devices.

back cover assembly
back cover assembly

Final assembly of the back cover assembly.

Final assembly is the decisive stage in digital device manufacturing, involving component preparation, assembly, fastening and connection, electrical connection, functional testing, visual inspection, adjustment and calibration, and finally packaging and delivery. This ensures that components, after high-temperature spraying and quality testing, are correctly, high-quality, and reliably assembled into digital devices.

Trusted Quality:

Trusted Quality: At Yetronic, we take immense pride in providing products of uncompromising quality. Each Yetronic acquisition comes with a guarantee of durability, reliability, and performance. Rest easy knowing that your investment is backed by our commitment to delivering top-notch smart technology solutions.

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Proven Track Record: With a solid track record of serving satisfied customers, Yetronic has earned the trust and confidence of numerous clients across various industries. Our extensive experience in the smart technology market speaks volumes about our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional products and services.

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Exceptional Customer Support: We believe in nurturing long-lasting relationships with our customers. From pre-purchase inquiries to after-sales support, our team is always ready to assist you at every step of your journey with Yetronic. Count on us for timely and responsive support, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience with our products.

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