Yetronic: Customized Interactive Flat Panel, the Intelligent Whiteboard Supplier

With the continuous development of technology, interactive whiteboard technology has become an indispensable tool in the fields of education and business. In this era of fierce competition, Yetronic stands out in the interactive whiteboard market with its outstanding quality and leading custom services. This article will delve into the Interactive Flat Panel offered by the Yetronic brand and explore its extensive applications in education and business.

Yetronic Brand Introduction

Yetronic is a company dedicated to the research and development, as well as the production of intelligent whiteboards. It has earned a reputation in the industry for its innovative technology and exceptional quality. By continually driving innovation in interactive whiteboard technology, Yetronic is committed to providing highly customized Interactive Flat Panels to meet the diverse needs of different fields.

What is an Interactive Flat Panel?

An Interactive Flat Panel is a smart whiteboard that integrates touchscreen technology, digital writing, multimedia interaction, and cloud collaboration features. Compared to traditional whiteboards, the Interactive Flat Panels not only enables digital writing and drawing but also facilitates various functions such as multi-touch, video playback, audio output, providing users with a richer and more flexible interactive experience.

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Detailed Features of the Interactive Flat Panel

A. High-Definition Touchscreen Technology

Yetronic’s Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) incorporates advanced high-definition touchscreen technology, ensuring sensitivity and accuracy in touch. Multi-touch technology allows users to easily perform multitasking operations, enhancing work and learning efficiency.

B. Digital Writing and Drawing Functionality

The IFP is equipped with powerful digital writing tools, allowing users to freely write, annotate, and draw. The rich drawing options make presentations more vivid, catering to the different needs of education and business displays.

C. Multimedia Interaction

Built-in cameras and speakers enable the IFP to have multimedia interaction capabilities. Supporting high-definition video playback and clear audio output, it provides a more engaging form for meetings, training, and teaching.

D. Cloud Collaboration and Sharing

Yetronic’s IFP not only supports real-time collaboration but also seamlessly achieves cloud-based file storage and sharing. This feature allows users to share information with others anytime, anywhere, pushing team collaboration to new heights.

interactive flat panel

Custom Product Process for Interactive Flat Panel

A. Requirement Collection

Yetronic always prioritizes customer needs, engaging in in-depth communication to understand their specific requirements and expectations. Based on these requirements, a customized Interactive Flat Panels solution is quickly formulated.

B. Design and Development

The technical team participates in developing customized hardware and software solutions, ensuring that the Interactive Flat Panel perfectly meets the customer’s specific needs. Each customized IFP undergoes meticulous design and a rigorous development process.

C. Production and Testing

Throughout the production of custom panels, Yetronic maintains high standards for quality. A strict testing process ensures that each Interactive Flat Panel operates reliably and meets customer expectations.


Yetronic’s Interactive Flat Panels not only demonstrates outstanding performance in the market but also satisfies the diverse needs of the education and business sectors through the value and advantages of customized services. With advanced technology, rich features, and customized services, Yetronic is dedicated to advancing interactive whiteboard technology, creating a more enriching and efficient interactive experience for users. Choosing Yetronic means choosing the future of intelligent whiteboard technology.

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