Revolutionizing Outdoor Communication: The Power of Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signages

In today’s digital society, information delivery is undergoing a revolution. portable outdoor digital signages, a potent communication tool, is increasingly becoming the core of outdoor communication. Yetronic, with its innovation and high performance, stands out as a leading digital signage provider.

Features of Portable Outdoor Digital Signages

Waterproof Design

Digital signage often faces harsh weather conditions, making waterproof design a crucial feature. Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signage utilizes advanced waterproof technology, ensuring stable operation even in adverse weather. This enhances durability and ensures clear visibility of information.

High-Brightness Display

Outdoor environments are filled with sunlight, and Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signage uses high-brightness displays to ensure clear visibility even in direct sunlight. This design improves the reliability of information delivery and makes ads and information displays more attention-grabbing outdoors.


Yetronic prioritizes user experience, and the lightweight design of Portable Digital Signage makes it an ideal choice for mobile advertising and information dissemination. Users can easily carry and move the device, enabling outdoor promotion anytime, anywhere, and pioneering new ways of communication.

Multimedia Support

Digital signage is no longer limited to static information presentation. Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signage boasts excellent multimedia capabilities, supporting various forms of content, including images, videos, and audio. This provides users with a more dynamic and expressive way of presentation.

Remote Management

Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signage, with powerful remote management functionality, allows users to easily update content and monitor device status. This feature significantly improves operational efficiency, enabling users to respond to market changes in real-time and flexibly adjust ad and information content.

Factory Production Process of Portable Outdoor Digital Signages

Material Selection

Before producing Portable Digital Signage, the primary task is to select high-quality waterproof materials suitable for outdoor environments. These materials need to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, sunlight, and sandstorms. Yetronic’s engineering team carefully selects and tests each material to ensure outstanding waterproof performance, durability, and corrosion resistance.

Technical Assembly

The next step in producing Portable Digital Signage is technical assembly, involving embedding high-brightness displays into the device structure and installing electronic components. Yetronic employs advanced assembly techniques and automated assembly lines to ensure precise installation of each component, guaranteeing the stability and longevity of the device.

Waterproof Testing

To ensure that digital signage can operate stably in outdoor environments, Yetronic conducts rigorous waterproof testing. Every completed Portable Digital Signage undergoes multiple waterproof tests, simulating rain, water spraying, and splashing. Only devices that pass these tests are released to the market, ensuring product reliability in actual use.

Integration of Remote Management System

Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signage not only focuses on hardware performance but also relies on robust software support. In the factory, the remote management system is integrated into the device for convenient remote content updates and device monitoring. This allows users to manage and control the operational status of digital signage anytime, anywhere.


Yetronic’s Portable Digital Signage, with features like waterproof design, high-brightness display, portability, multimedia support, and remote management, brings a new experience to outdoor communication. Its factory production process ensures product quality and stability. In the future, with continuous innovation in digital signage technology, Yetronic will continue to lead the field, opening up broader prospects for outdoor digital communication. Contact us now

November 29, 2023

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