Yetronic LCD Stretched Display: Leading Innovation, Expanding Horizons

In the realm of digital signage, the Yetronic brand stands at the forefront, steering the tide with its exceptional technology and innovative performance. Among these advancements, the LCD Stretched Display emerges as a pivotal technology, not only bringing forth new possibilities in the realm of information display but also meeting the diverse demands for customized and efficient presentations across various industries. This article will delve into the functionalities of the LCD Stretched Displays, the manufacturing processes at the Yetronic factory, and the unique advantages of Yetronic products in the market.

 LCD Stretched Display Features in Detail

Ultra-Wide Aspect Ratio

1. Expanding Visual Horizons: The LCD Stretched Displays, with its ultra-wide aspect ratio, not only enhances the impact of visuals but also broadens the perspective of information display, allowing users to comprehensively understand the presented content.

2. Ideal for Specialized Scenes: This feature makes the LCD Stretched Display particularly outstanding in narrow spaces or scenarios requiring unique display effects, such as shopping mall corridors or within transportation vehicles.

High Resolution and Color Accuracy

1. Importance of Clarity: Employing high-resolution technology, the LCD Stretched Displays ensures the clarity of displayed images, a crucial aspect for showcasing detailed product information, map navigation, and other detailed scenarios.

2. True Color Reproduction: High color accuracy ensures the faithful reproduction of images, making the LCD Stretched Displays highly applicable in advertising, art exhibitions, and other scenes requiring precise color representation.

Multi-Touch Technology

1. Enhanced User Experience: Integrating multi-touch technology significantly enhances the interaction experience between users and the screen. Users can perform gestures like zooming and sliding, making information retrieval more flexible.

2. Interactive Applications: Multi-touch technology creates conditions for interactive applications such as mall navigation and product displays, further engaging users.

High Brightness and Contrast

1. Adaptability to Different Lighting Conditions: The high brightness of the LCD Stretched Display ensures good visibility in various lighting conditions, whether outdoors in bright sunlight or in dimly lit indoor spaces.

2. Striking Contrast Effect: High contrast ensures clear separation between image elements, making the LCD Stretched Displays particularly eye-catching in scenarios like billboards and digital menus.

 LCD Stretched Display Manufacturing Process

Design Phase

1. Customer Requirements Analysis: Yetronic collaborates closely with customers, thoroughly understanding their needs, including usage scenarios and specific customization requirements, ensuring the LCD Stretched Displays fully meets customer expectations.

2. Customization of Screen Size and Ratio: Based on customer requirements, the screen size and ratio of the LCD Stretched Displays are determined, allowing for customized design to adapt to the unique needs of different industries.

Production and Manufacturing

1. Selection and Processing of LCD Panels: High-quality LCD panels are chosen and precisely processed to ensure superior display performance of the LCD Stretched Display.

2. Unique Encapsulation Design: Yetronic emphasizes encapsulation design to ensure the unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the LCD Stretched Displays while protecting internal electronic components, enhancing product durability.

3. Integration of Intelligent Electronic Control Systems: During the manufacturing process, intelligent electronic control systems are embedded into the LCD Stretched Displays to ensure efficient operation and outstanding performance of the device.

Quality Testing and Adjustment

1. Color Calibration: Rigorous color calibration is conducted to ensure the LCD Stretched Displays presents accurate and vibrant images, aligning with industry standards.

2. Touch Sensitivity Testing: Multi-point touch technology undergoes sensitivity testing to ensure users receive smooth and accurate responses during operation.

3. Adaptability Testing to High and Low Temperatures: The LCD Stretched Displays undergoes adaptability testing to high and low temperatures to ensure stable operation in various extreme environments.

Customized Packaging and Delivery

1. Personalized Packaging: Yetronic provides personalized packaging for each LCD Stretched Display, ensuring products remain undamaged during transportation and are presented in optimal condition upon customer receipt.

2. Timely Delivery: Optimized supply chain management ensures timely delivery of LCD Stretched Displays to customers, meeting their immediate product needs.

Advantages of Yetronic LCD Stretched Display

Yetronic LCD Stretched Display stands out in the market due to its advantages in customized design, high-performance hardware, reliability, durability, low power consumption, and environmentally friendly design. Customized design allows the LCD Stretched Displays to meet the specific needs of different industries, high-performance hardware ensures smooth display and interaction experiences, and reliability and durability enable the product to adapt to the challenges of various work environments. Low power consumption and environmentally friendly design align with the current trend of green technology, providing users with a stable and efficient usage experience.


Yetronic LCD Stretched Display, with its innovative features, rigorous manufacturing processes, and unique advantages, opens up new possibilities in the digital signage industry. Its outstanding performance in ultra-wide aspect ratios, high resolution, multi-touch technology, and other aspects makes the LCD Stretched Displays an ideal choice for information display across various industries. Yetronic’s leading position in the market not only reflects its technological prowess but also underscores its profound understanding of customer needs. Encouraging industries to actively adopt advanced LCD Stretched Displays technology will elevate information dissemination and user experience, collectively creating a new vision for the digital future. Contact us now

December 5, 2023

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