Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall Digital Advertising

The advent of the digital age has infused new vitality into the field of advertising, with the evolution of digital signage playing a crucial role in leading the innovation wave. In this realm, Yetronic’s Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall, with its outstanding performance and leading position, stands as a pillar in the realm of digital advertising.

Features of the Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall

High-Precision Touch Technology

The Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls employs high-precision touch technology, enabling users to interact with content through gentle touches. This precision enhances user experience and provides a more flexible interactive approach to digital advertising.

Multi-Touch Functionality

Multi-touch functionality allows multiple users to interact simultaneously, creating a shared digital advertising space. This multi-user interaction feature broadens the possibilities for display and promotion, fostering a more collaborative and engaging environment.

Multimedia Integration Display

The Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall seamlessly integrates multimedia elements such as images and videos, presenting vibrant digital advertising content. This not only enhances the attractiveness of information but also adds creativity and interactivity to the advertising experience.

interactive touch screen video wall

Remote Real-Time Control

Equipped with remote real-time control capabilities, the Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls allows users to update and adjust display content at any time. This flexibility enables digital advertising to adapt promptly to different needs and scenarios.

Customizable User Interface

The Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall provides a customizable user interface, allowing advertising content to align with the specific needs of a brand or event. Users can configure the interface flexibly, achieving a personalized and immersive digital advertising experience.

Application of the Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall in Advertising Scenarios

The forefront of digital advertising is being redefined by the Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls. The widespread application of this technology not only transforms the form of advertising but also offers users a profound and interactive experience.

Innovative Exhibition Experience

The use of digital advertising in exhibitions goes beyond traditional information presentation. It breaks limitations, providing audiences with an immersive interactive experience.

1. Interactive Product Showcase:

Through the high-precision touch technology of the Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls, audiences can directly interact with displayed products. The sensitivity of the touch screen allows them to rotate, zoom in, and delve into every detail of the product. This real-time and autonomous interactive experience deepens the audience’s understanding of product features and advantages, enhancing their engagement.

2. Virtual Demonstrations and Experiences:

Digital advertising, through multimedia integration on the Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall, presents virtual demonstrations and experiences, creating a sensory feast for audiences. Audiences can explore virtual scenarios through the touch screen, experiencing the actual operation of products or services. This immersive experience elevates the effectiveness of advertising to new heights.

Event Promotion

The application of digital advertising in event promotion goes beyond information delivery, focusing on real-time interaction with the audience to make events more attractive and entertaining.

1. Real-Time Update of Event Information:

Through remote real-time control, promoters can update information in real-time during events, ensuring participants are always informed of the latest event details. This flexibility allows promoters to adjust and optimize advertising content based on actual circumstances, providing a richer and more timely experience for the audience.

2. Participatory Interactive Games:

Using multi-touch functionality, digital advertising can design various participatory interactive games, immersing the audience in a space filled with fun and challenges. This not only increases participation in events but also enhances the frequency of audience interaction with the brand, creating more possibilities for brand marketing.

Business Advertising

The application of digital advertising in business promotion makes brand communication more dynamic, captivating the audience’s awareness and understanding of products or services.

1. Digital Advertising Display:

With high brightness and multimedia displays, the Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls becomes an ideal platform for digital advertising. Brands can showcase creative advertisements, product features, and brand stories on this platform, capturing the audience’s attention and leaving a lasting impression.

2. Interactive Product Introductions:

Leveraging high-precision touch technology, businesses can design interactive product introductions, allowing customers to explore various aspects of the product through touch. This personalized interactive approach not only increases customer interest in the product but also boosts confidence in making purchases.


The Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall marks the future of digital advertising, with Yetronic driving the innovation wave through its exceptional technology and leading position. Its high-precision touch technology, multi-touch functionality, and multimedia integration display bring a new experience to digital advertising. The extensive application in exhibitions, event promotion, and business advertising showcases the outstanding performance of Yetronic’s Interactive Touch Screen Video Walls in the realm of digital advertising, creating a compelling interactive advertising platform for users. As technology continues to evolve, we can anticipate the Interactive Touch Screen Video Wall playing an even more crucial role in the future of digital advertising. Contact us now

December 21, 2023

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