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Intelligent whiteboards are becoming the standout choice for offices and classrooms, enhancing efficiency and transforming the way information is conveyed. In this digital age, the choice of an Intelligent Whiteboard Supplier is crucial. Yetronic, as your preferred supplier, not only provides products but also offers solutions for digital transformation.

What is an Intelligent Whiteboard

An Intelligent Whiteboard is a digital sign that combines high technology with practicality. As an Intelligent Whiteboard Supplier, Yetronic leverages its deep expertise in the field to provide customers with excellent products and services. Our mission is to drive digital learning and collaboration through technological innovation, creating smarter working and learning environments for users.

Intelligent Whiteboard Supplier

Products of the Intelligent Whiteboard Supplier

Yetronic, with its outstanding technology and innovative design, sets industry benchmarks in the field of intelligent whiteboards. Our product range goes beyond digital signs, serving as intelligent tools for digital learning and collaboration, delivering a first-class experience to users.

Intelligent Whiteboard Series:

Yetronic’s Intelligent Whiteboard series covers various sizes, from portable mobile whiteboards to large-screen boards for conference room applications, meeting the diverse needs of different scenarios. Whether in education, corporate collaboration, or innovative research and development, we have suitable product solutions.

Technical Features:

We lead the development trends in Intelligent Whiteboard technology. High-resolution touch screens enable users to interact with digital content in a more intuitive way, while real-time collaboration features allow teams to communicate seamlessly and collaborate from different locations. In addition, intelligent recognition technology imparts more intelligent features to the whiteboard, such as gesture recognition, text conversion, and image recognition, further enhancing the user experience.

Customization for Customers:

Yetronic understands the unique needs of different industries and users for intelligent whiteboards. Therefore, we provide flexible custom solutions to ensure that every user gets the product that best suits their work scenario. From custom appearance to personalized features, Yetronic is committed to meeting customers’ individual needs, providing tailored digital solutions.

Intelligent Whiteboard Supplier

Reasons to Choose Yetronic

Yetronic’s factory is a crucial pillar behind our excellent products, insisting on pursuing excellence and innovation in every production process. From raw material procurement to final assembly, Yetronic’s factory has a highly automated and strict quality control system, ensuring that every intelligent whiteboard is a carefully crafted masterpiece.

Manufacturing Process:

Yetronic pays attention to craftsmanship details, starting from the selection of raw materials. We carefully choose high-quality materials to ensure product durability and stability. The manufacturing process covers advanced production processes, including high-precision cutting, precise assembly, and efficient testing. Each process is strictly monitored to ensure products meet excellent quality standards.

Quality Control:

Quality is Yetronic’s commitment and the core of our factory’s operation. We implement strict quality control processes, from inspecting raw materials to testing the final product. Every intelligent whiteboard undergoes multiple testing procedures, including performance testing, durability testing, and environmental adaptability testing, ensuring outstanding performance in various conditions.

Innovation and Research & Development:

Yetronic’s factory is not only a production site but also a cradle of innovation. We continuously invest in research and development, staying current and leading the development of Intelligent Whiteboard technology. The factory houses advanced R&D laboratories dedicated to exploring new technologies, materials, and enhancing product performance. This innovative spirit allows Yetronic to maintain a leading position in technology in the fiercely competitive market.


Yetronic is not just an Intelligent Whiteboard supplier but also your strategic partner in digital transformation. We consistently uphold our mission to provide innovative, high-quality intelligent whiteboard products for customers, continually pursuing technological innovation and driving the development of the digital signage field. Yetronic, the Intelligent Whiteboard Manufacturer, is a global business display and solutions provider. Our production line adheres to advanced ISO9001 standards for comprehensive management. Customized intelligent whiteboard products can be tailored according to customer requirements for size, housing design, body color, and logo printing. Supports HD standalone, HD split-screen, and Android internet access solutions, providing a comprehensive choice. Contact us now

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January 30, 2024

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