How to Use Compass on a Clear Touch Smart Board

A new era of smart whiteboard technology has arrived, bringing new possibilities for education, business, and collaboration. In this field, Yetronic’s Clear Touch Smart Board product stands at the forefront of innovation. This article will provide a detailed overview of the features, advantages, and usage of the Clear Touch Smart Boards, helping you make the most of this smart whiteboard technology.

1. Definition and Development of Smart Whiteboards

Smart whiteboards are interactive learning and collaboration tools that integrate multimedia, interactivity, and digital capabilities. They have found extensive applications in education, business, healthcare, and other sectors, providing users with richer learning and working experiences. This new era of technology signifies a shift towards a digital learning and collaboration paradigm.

2. Introduction to Yetronic Brand and Clear Touch Smart Board Product

Yetronic is a highly acclaimed brand in the field of digital signage and interactive technology solutions, and the Clear Touch Smart Board is one of its flagship products. It incorporates cutting-edge technology, offering unparalleled interactivity and efficiency. When it comes to innovation, performance, and reliability, Yetronic is a name you can trust.

Features and Advantages of Clear Touch Smart Board

Detailed Description of Clear Touch Smart Board’s Technical Specifications and Features

Clear Touch Smart Board integrates a high-resolution touchscreen, smart projection, and advanced interactive software, enabling seamless interactivity and creativity. Its key features include:

  • High-Resolution Touchscreen: Clear Touch Smart Board boasts a high-quality touchscreen that supports multi-touch, allowing users to effortlessly write, draw, and operate.
  • Advanced Interactive Software: Compass software provides powerful educational and collaboration tools, including whiteboarding, educational games, multimedia playback, and file sharing capabilities.
  • Security and Reliability: Clear Touch Smart Boards supports multiple layers of security measures to ensure the protection of your data and privacy.
  • Multimedia Integration: It supports the connection of various multimedia devices, such as computers, cameras, and audio equipment. This adds versatility and engagement to presentations and interactions.

Advantages Compared to Other Brands

Clear Touch Smart Board stands out in the market when compared to other smart whiteboard products. Its high-performance touchscreen, powerful interactive software, and multimedia integration make it highly popular in education and business sectors. In comparison to other brands, Clear Touch Smart Boards offers more interactivity and flexibility, providing users with a superior user experience. In terms of performance, interactivity, and feature diversity, Clear Touch Smart Boards excels, providing users with more possibilities.

How to Use Clear Touch Smart Board

 How to Install and Connect the Device

Using Clear Touch Smart Boards is straightforward. First, ensure the device is securely installed in the appropriate location. Then, connect the device to your computer, camera, and audio equipment. Once everything is set up, you can begin using Clear Touch Smart Boards for interactive purposes. Before you start, make sure your device is securely and stably installed to ensure a smooth user experience.

How to Operate and Utilize its Features

Clear Touch Smart Boards offers various features, including:

Writing: Write and draw on the whiteboard using a stylus or your finger. You can choose different colors and brush styles to create impressive graphics and text. This is a powerful tool for drawing charts, taking notes, or expressing your creativity.

Annotation: The annotation feature is useful for emphasizing key information, adding notes, or making real-time edits. This is particularly beneficial for education and meetings, as it allows you to highlight key points and share your insights with the audience.

Multimedia Playback: Clear Touch Smart Boards supports multimedia file playback, including videos, audio, and images. You can share multimedia content with your audience, improving the conveyance of your message. This provides more possibilities for presentations and training.

File Sharing: Compass software allows you to easily share files and content. You can transfer documents between multiple devices and collaborate with others. This seamless file-sharing method enhances team collaboration efficiency and ensures smooth information transfer.


Clear Touch Smart Boards is an outstanding smart whiteboard product that provides users with exceptional interactivity and collaboration experiences. Whether you are in education, business, or other fields, Clear Touch Smart Board is an ideal choice. Yetronic, as a supplier, offers excellent support and services, ensuring you can fully harness this advanced technology to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness. As your partner, we are committed to providing the best solutions to meet your needs. Contact us now

November 8, 2023

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