The Yetronic long strip display are designed to deliver impact content and enhance customer experiences. With crystal-clear visuals and advanced features, these displays are versatile for a wide range of applications.

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Long Strip Display

Long Strip Display Touch Screen
Bar LCD display

19 Inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

Bar LCD display

24 Inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

Bar LCD display

28 Inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

Bar LCD display

48 Inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

Bar LCD display

86 Inch Stretched Bar LCD Display

Unleash the Power of Long Strip Display

Revolutionize your advertising campaigns with our Long Strip Display Touch Screen. Designed to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression, this innovative display technology brings your brand to life like never before.

Seamless Multi-Content Display

Our Long Strip Display boasts a sleek and modern design, seamlessly integrating into any environment.

Digital Advertising Screen

High-Resolution Visuals

Deliver stunning visuals with crystal-clear resolution, ensuring your content stands out.

Easy Management

Effortlessly control and update content remotely for maximum convenience.

Long Strip Display Touch Screen-Easy Management
Long Strip Display Touch Screen-Customizable Content

Customizable Content

Tailor your advertising content to suit your audience and goals, from dynamic animations to real-time updates.

Automated Content Rotation: Elevating Visual Diversity

The fixed-point program auto-change function is achieved through a preset timetable and content list. You can set different time periods according to your needs and assign specific content for each time slot. Once the setup is complete, the display screen will automatically switch the displayed content according to the scheduled time, ensuring that the audience always sees fresh and diverse information.

Long Strip Display Touch Screen-Automated Content Rotation

Unleash the Power of Long Strip Display